Welcome to Baila! Memphis, an annual weekend of instruction, performances, and social dancing in the Mid-South. Previous years have featured nationally and internationally known artists and DJs from New York, California, Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Illinois! 

Baila Memphis started as a conversation between two brothers. With over 20 years of Latin dance experience collectively, we have lived, traveled and danced across the US including Chicago, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Orlando. As dancers, we both noticed the opportunity to share the treasures and talents we have seen in the world of Latin dance with the city of Memphis.

With the spirit of “be the change you wish to see in the world,” we decided to create an event that would feature high-quality artists, draw strong social dancers from across the region and the US and ignite a desire among the current and future members of the Memphis Latin dance scene to join the larger Latin dance community. The result of our conversations and planning is Baila! Memphis, an annual event to promote a love of Latin dance in Memphis as well as to promote Memphis,  its distinct culture, experiences, history and world-renown hospitality, to the greater Latin dance community.

- Corey and Ramel Strong -